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Freezing is one of the methods used for preserving food, drinks, vegetables, herbs, and fruits so that nothing goes to waste. The best practice would be to freeze Yogurt in an opened and sealed container; however, one can still freeze it opened if it is stored in an airtight container. It is important to write the freeze date on the bottle with a maximum expiry date of two months.

To ensure that your Yogurt is even frozen, open the container and thoroughly stir using a spoon, then close with the lid, securing it with plastic or aluminum wrapping. If the Yogurt is in its pack of small containers as bought from the store, place it in the freezer.

The repackaging process above is used when buying Yogurt in a big tub and is forced to divide it up for freezing in a small amount, but one can still freeze the big tub.

Ice cubes: Can You Freeze Yogurt in an ice cube tray, commonly preferred by those who use it in smoothies. Upon solidifying the cubes, store them into freezer bags, and when you want to make some cold smoothie, add a few of the cubes in the blender together with the other ingredients.

Albeit this method is time-consuming, but it can also be convenient was to freeze and store Yogurt.

How long for my Yogurt to freeze?

This will depend on the amount of yogurt one wants to freeze in a container. If you intend to freeze 1 once portions are placed in an ice cube tray to use in smoothies or to cook, it should take approximately one hour to form. If the intention is to freeze 1 cup sizes, 3 hours will suffice.

However, if you want to freeze a quart or even more at one go, you do well to leave your Yogurt in the freezer for no less than 6 hours or even overnight.

 How to use frozen Yogurt

For efficient use, it should be allowed to thaw then used to make smoothies. Remember that when frozen Yogurt is thawed, it separates, becoming watery and grainy. The Yogurt may taste sour due to increased acidity, as the freezing process may have destroyed some of the live bacteria found in natural Yogurt.

Nevertheless, thawed Yogurt can still be eaten if one is just okay with alteration as it is still healthy. Stirring vigorously can return the thawed yogurt into a normal smoothy position improving the texture position. Previously frozen Yogurt can be used in the baking of goods that include Yogurt as an ingredient, and it will be just fine.

It can also be used in cooking simmer sauce, and the grainy texture will not be noticed once it is cooked. Spreads, sauces, and dips are also things we make with the thawed Yogurt without noticing the difference.

Can Greek Yogurt be Frozen?

Greek Yogurt is known for its protein that is usually has a creamy texture, and is thick. It is possible to freeze this delicious type of Yogurt, and it can also stay two months frozen. The nutritional value of this Yogurt will still be intact even after freezing.

How to thaw a frozen yogurt

Many people prefer to thaw frozen Yogurt before using it unless one wants to use the ice cubes in their solid form for a smoothie. The best way to defrost it is to place it in the fridge overnight for 24 hours before using it. This will prevent the Yogurt from getting warmer and going bad before it is used.

In case it is thawed outside the fridge, then be sure to use it or eat it within two hours of removing it from the fridge. Otherwise, it will end up in the trash can for going bad.

How to preserve the frozen Yogurt

The container in which the Yogurt is stored should be kept sealed. This will prevent the bacteria and the flavors from the air to be soaked in Yogurt. It is recommended that if the Yogurt is in a large container, you transfer it into airtight glass containers.

Practice good hygiene and avoid eating the Yogurt directly from the big tub. Transfer a servable quantity into a bowl to eat. Otherwise, the germs from the mouth will contaminate the healthy bacteria making it go bad. Yogurt is very sensitive so remember to keep the container in the fridge’s body, not at the door.

Constant opening and closing of the fridge as other things are taken in and out of the fridge will fluctuate the temperature. This is not healthy for the bacteria yogurt that could lead to yogurt spoiling pretty fast.

Can You Freeze Yogurt?

The simple answer to this question is no. Once the frozen Yogurt has thawed out, do not refreeze it since there will be many texture changes that might make you sick.

If the frozen Yogurt thawed before you used it and has stayed that way for a while, the best way would be to throw it away.

Does yogurt freeze well?

As already discussed, Yogurt can be frozen, but it is not a food item that would freeze well. This is because dairy products have protein and fats that separate from an unpleasant grainy texture.

This does not mean that frozen Yogurt cannot be used in other ways such as baking and cooking.

Can frozen Yogurt be used as a Snack?

Yogurt bark is a popular healthy snack worldwide. Once the Yogurt is spread into a baking tray, you can spread fruits, seeds, or nuts then freeze it. Allow it to form a slab, which can then be broken and eaten straight from the freezer.

Freezing yogurt is effective in preserving it for future use. Once you master the process, you will undoubtedly enjoy using it in various ways to your delight.

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