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Ceramic Wall Heater

I’ve never understood functional things that try to disguise themselves as decorations. Like those cheap and ridiculous plug-in air fresheners in the shape of flowers or fine art wall hangings. It’s not fooling anyone – it’s still a plastic air freshener. And the fact that it’s trying to pass itself off as something else – and that it plugs in and wastes electricity, regardless of how little — is asinine and beyond my comprehension.

But here’s a nifty item for the home that’s making me rethink my above rant. It’s not art per se, but this ceramic wall heater by Andrey Vostrikov manages to combine functionality and design into a unique unit that is smaller than a conventional heater and (if you believe the designer) much more efficient.

In addition to claims of faster heating, quieter noise and less energy suckage, Vostrikov’s designer appliance promises to generate negative ions and light up your room with its integrated LEDs – all the while looking almost like a thermos on the wall or one of those Dixie cup dispensers that every kid’s bathroom seemed to have in the ‘70s. But it sure beats your conventional wall heater, style-wise. And energy efficient is always a crowd pleaser.

Don’t run out to your cool home appliance store yet, however. This baby is still just a concept. Which means it might be awhile before we see it – if we ever do. (But I’ve got my fingers crossed.)

The difference between this heater and the cheap plug-in air freshener things? Lack of pretense, of course. This heater isn’t trying to be anything but what it is. And I’m guessing it won’t be cheap.