Do Chia Seeds Go Bad?

Chia seeds are a versatile superfood that belongs to a plant family, closely resembling mint, having black color and minty taste.

People love to add chia seeds in smoothies, desserts, and puddings because of various health benefits. Chia seeds contain high amounts of fibers, magnesium, and the nine most important amino acids.

In this article, I will answer some queries about chia seeds like do chia seeds go bad? Signs of bad chia seeds and best tips to store chia seeds.

Moreover, I’ll share information about the foods in which you can use chia seeds as well as their nutritional benefits.

Do chia seeds go bad?

Yes, chia seeds go bad, though it happens rarely because chia seeds are consumed before the expiration date.

Chia seeds are best for 2 years after processing by most manufacturers and if stored properly, you can use these seeds for 4 years.

Chia seeds get moldy, form clumps, or maybe infested by pantry bugs if the storage of seeds isn’t good enough.

Signs of bad chia seeds

When you store the chia seeds for so long and if they are not stored properly, they will start going bad. 

Here are signs of bad chia seeds;

1:Weird smell

Chia seeds don’t have any particular smell, although if you feel a foul smell in the seeds; probably the oil in them has gone rancid and they are no longer safe to use.


A little moisture in bags or containers of chia seeds can cause mold. To avoid mold, dry the containers perfectly before storing the seeds.

If you see mold in the containers of chia seeds, discard them off because it’s not safe to use them longer.

3:Off taste

While making any recipe with chia seeds, it’s quite difficult for you to decide whether the taste of seeds is the same or different.

To test the flavor of seeds, soak them in a glass of water and then taste them. If you feel some off-taste, discard the seeds because they have lost their good quality.

How long do chia seeds last?

Chia seeds have excellent endurance even at normal temperatures because of the high amount of antioxidants. Other seeds like sesame seeds get rancid quickly as compared to chia seeds.

When you store chia seeds in airtight containers, they can last for almost 2 to 3 years and in the freezer, chia seeds last 10 years.

In powdered form, chia seeds have the best quality for 6 months and are not safe to use after the date of expiration.

Moreover, Chia gel and puddings can last for 5 days or even a week.

How to store chia seeds?

It’s important to store the chia seeds properly as storing these seeds is not complicated at all. You can store them in the pantry or the kitchen cabinets.

Keep in mind that the chia seeds should be stored in a cool and dry place at constant temperature away from heat and sunlight as well.

According to the experts; “ Store the chia seeds in your kitchen cabinets because this way, you will use more seeds”.

You can store them in airtight containers if resealable bags are not available for storage. In this way, chia seeds retain their best quality.

Best tips to store chia seeds

The best way to store chia seeds is freezing and this method preserves seeds for approximately 8 to 9 years. While using this method, just make sure there is no air and moisture inside the container because it can ruin them. 

Step 1

For freezing the chia seeds, place the tissue paper on a large surface like a baking pan or dish and sprinkle the seeds on it.

Step 2

Let the tissue paper absorb the moisture of seeds for five to ten minutes and pour them into an airtight container.

Step 3

Place the jar into the freezer and freeze the seeds.

Foods that include chia seeds

Chia seeds are highly healthy for the digestive system and you can prepare various delicious meals using these seeds.

Chia water

One of the simplest ways to add chia seeds to your diet is to make chia water. Soak ¼ cup of chia seeds in one liter of cold water and leave it for 30 or 40 minutes.

For flavor, you can squeeze a lemon, orange, and lime into the water and enjoy it the whole day as it makes you fresh and healthy.

You can prepare detox water as well by adding chopped fresh fruits like watermelon, pineapple, apple, and lemongrass.

Chia pudding

Chia seeds after absorbing water become gelatinous and you can add some juice for making a flavourful pudding. 

You can make pudding by mixing water, fruit juice, yogurt, and some cocoa or vanilla flavor, at last serve it with some more chia seeds on top.

Chia in smoothie

Make different smoothies for your kids and add chia seeds to the drink for a healthy gel-like texture. Kids will surely love the taste and texture of the drink with tons of nutritional value inside.

Do you have to discard rancid chia seeds?

No, not necessarily, eating rancid chia seeds doesn’t cause any serious effect on health. Although, if you continue to eat the rancid seeds just to finish the pack, it may cause damage to your digestive system.

Chia seeds benefits 

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods in the world and have a lot of benefits for the body as well as for the brain.

Chia seeds contain high amounts of antioxidants that lower the risks of cancer in a person and aging.

These seeds have low calories and help in losing weight as well as reduce the risks of heart problems by maintaining blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chia seeds cause allergies?

Yup, chia seeds cause allergies though this is not common and only a minority of people will have allergies due to chia seeds.

The symptoms of chia seeds include diarrhea, vomiting, and itching around the lips and tongue. If you feel any of these symptoms after using seeds, immediately set an appointment with your doctor.

How to eat chia seeds?

Chia seeds are very nutritious and you can add them to any time of food as well as drink you like to. You can add them in smoothies, puddings, on the top of a salad, in the yogurt, and oatmeal.

Difference between white and black chia seeds?

White and black chia seeds aren’t much different storage-wise and from the nutritional point of view. Probably, price is the only noticeable difference between black and white chia seeds.

White chia seeds are rarer than black ones and come at a higher price. If the white chia seeds look better in the recipe, you will feel happy and buy the seeds freely.

What happens when you overuse chia seeds?

The fibers in chia seeds can cause various serious health problems which are related to metabolism. When you consume too many fibers, it can cause gas, diarrhea, and pain in your abdominal cavity. 

To prevent these harmful conditions, try to drink an adequate amount of water for the elimination of fibers from the body.

To sum up

Chia seeds are a versatile nutritional food having black color and minty taste which resembles mint.

You can add chia seeds to any type of drink especially in smoothies, on the top of salads, and in the pudding.

Chia seeds can go bad, though these chances occur rarely because they are consumed before the expiration date.

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