Dumbbell Floor Press Benefits and How to Do

Are your arms getting flabby and need something to tone them up? Or you’re unhappy with how skinny they are? Dumbbells should be your friend. Working out is never easy, especially when lifting weights is involved. Even so, there are simple exercises that’ll not require an insane effort to make use of them. Dumbbells are one of them.

Dumbbell press floor is a popular workout that has never disappointed when it comes to shaping the upper body. You don’t have to be a professional weightlifter to use them. You only need to learn how it works. Want to know dumbbell floor press benefits and how to use them? Continue reading.

Dumbbell Floor Press Benefits

What is a dumbbell floor press?

You’ve seen someone lying on the floor holding a dumbbell in each hand and wondered why the person is not using the bench. That’s what is called dumbbell floor press. No bench is needed to restrict the range of motion. While it may appear an easy-to-do exercise, it requires effort. It’s a helpful chest exercise that’ll exclusively work best in your triceps area.

If you’re a guy, it’ll help you get rock-hard abs and massive biceps that girls are always after. As for ladies, you can say goodbye to the annoying arm fat that chose never to let you wear your desired tops. This kind of workout needs attention when doing it. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting injuries instead of mending your body. Despite its significance, you’ll still need to incorporate other exercises to get quicker and more satisfying results.

Which is the safest way of using a dumbbell floor press?

Lie flat on the floor and hold the dumbbells in both of your hands. While your knees are bent, raise the weights while your arms are pulled in front and your elbows properly spread out. Pull down the dumbbells until your arms correctly touch the floor.

When the elbow reaches the ground, pause for an interval of two and then push up the weights by locking out your elbows. Each time you lower the dumbbells, ensure your upper arms do not reach the floor. To make the exercise more effective, put your elbows on your sides. Make sure the arms are in an angular posture to the sides to shape your chest properly.

Which muscles do the Dumbbell Floor Press Benefits the most?

The floor press works equally as the bench press. Only that lying on the floor has a superior emphasis on the body. The main muscles focused on here are the triceps, and the chest taking the second position. Shoulders are also improved with this type of weightlift, which means that starting a dumbbell floor press will completely transform your upper body and make you have your all-time desired look.

What are the benefits of the dumbbell floor press?

  • Helps in building muscles

Building muscles is a tough experience. Although there are various ways of strengthening your muscles, using a workout that specifically targets a particular place gives better results. Dumbbell floor press concentrates on your arm muscles. Once you begin doing it, you’ll have noticeable results in your targeted areas.

  • Builds strength ???

Working with heavy loads is the most excellent way of strengthening your body. It becomes more effective when the weight is not lifted too high. As a result of holding the weights, you’ll gain strength in the isolated places. In the long run, you’ll be strong enough to carry items that seem lift-impossible. This exercise makes your muscles strong and enduring to heavy lifting.

  • Improves lockouts

Extending an arm is a challenge to some individuals. Does dumbbell floor press qualify to help you extend your weak elbows without much struggling. ?In energy-required lifting, a secure lockout is needed. Therefore, you have to do a dumbbell floor press to have powerful lockouts without any missed lifts.

  • A cure for sore shoulders

Are you having trouble with your shoulder joint? No more of your problems. The floor press is your saving grace. While doing the dumbbell lifting on the ground, the force used comes from your arms and chest, and not your back. This way, you’ll work out and improve your paining shoulder without wrongly stressing your back joints. In the long term, your shoulder will get better as opposed to when you use bench press.

What to pay attention to when doing dumbbell floor press

  • Legs

The exercise is doable with your legs straight, or your knees bent. Neither of them is better than the other. But each will affect your pressing differently. Pressing with straight legs maximizes the core demand because it destroys your ability to use leg drive. Bending knees appears much better, especially to individuals with back pain. Try both and see which one is more comfortable.

  • Hands

The good news about the dumbbell floor press is that you can use any hand position that feels best to you. You’ll have to experiment with different postures to figure out the perfect pose. Utilizing a neutral grip is calmer on the shoulder joint. This is what is mostly recommended by experts. But try first and see if it’s fine with you.

  • Reps

Dumbbell floor press works well in moderate to high rep ranges. Too up-Levelized position or too low causes a royal pain that you wouldn’t want to experience. Generally, the hardest part of floor pressing is getting up. But the aftermath is always worth the pain.

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dumbbell exercise

Which is better, one dumbbell or two?

Although using two dumbbells allows you to move twice the weight at the same time, using one is somehow better. The first advantage is that a single dumbbell allows you to use the other hand to position the weight appropriately. Pressing one at a time also maximizes the core demands of the exercise. With one dumbbell, expect to notice the change the next day after your first exercise.

The Bottom Line

Lifting weights leads to no regrets when it comes to improving the upper body. The dumbbell floor press is the best version for strengthening and building your shoulder, arms, and chest muscles. Most lifting tends to hurt your back; floor pressing is an exception. You can be sure of safely exercising your upper muscles with zero back pains afterward. However, don’t entirely depend on floor pressing and forget other workouts. Include other exercises for overall body shaping. It’s more fruitful when you exercise the whole body. Getting into weight lifting isn’t easy. Don?t be too hard on yourself, take it easy, do it right and wait to see the results of your effort!

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