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Most people love shrimp. It’s because they’re tasty, quick to cook, and versatile. Walk into the seafood section almost everywhere, and you’ll realize how it has different varieties, types, sizes, cooked and uncooked, fresh, and frozen. If you always get confused, not knowing what to choose, the tips in this article will help you make good choices henceforth.

Firecracker Shrimp Recipe

The various shrimp types include a black tiger associated with pacific white having the same texture and flavour. They’re suitable for preparing shrimp cocktails. Argentinean is another type found in the Southern Atlantic. They’ve got a tender flesh, buttery and flavorful, taste good when grilled and served with butter. The most common is the pacific white having a mild and sweet flavour. You can do almost all sorts of cooking with them. The fresh and cold water types are live in environments suggested by their names. They’re both excellent for grilling and skewering.

The most affordable shrimp are farmed. On the other hand, wild shrimp are usually more expensive. The reason is they take more time to trap and are costlier. Talking about the sizes, shrimp are packed in labelled packets. For instance, you’ll find a figure like 16/25, indicating how many pieces you’ll get. The number is given as a range because they all grow at different times. You should note that the larger the number, the smaller the shrimp. Keep reading to learn how to prepare a firecracker shrimp recipe.

Nutritional information



Vitamin A79mg
Vitamin C8g

Recipe Ingredients

Medium peeled shrimp1 pound
Cornstarch½ cup
Egg beat2
Canola oil for frying¼ cup
Sweet chili garlic½ Cup
Squeezed lemon3 Teaspoons
Honey2 Teaspoons
Sriracha½ Teaspoon
Grated ginger½ Teaspoons
Garlic salt½ Teaspoon
Lemon zest1-2 spoons


  • In a bowl, start by seasoning shrimp plus pepper and salt until they come to taste.
  • Toss the shrimp in the cornstarch just a bit before dipping one by one into the egg mixture.
  • Use medium heat for heating canola oil. Begin adding shrimp depending on the pan’s size, then cook until it turns brownish- should take two to three minutes. Thereafter, Move them to a paper towel of draining the excess oil. Do that to all the shrimps.
  • Make the sauce by mixing chili garlic salt, zest, lemon juice, garlic salt ginger, honey, and sriracha.
  • Get the shrimp and add to the sauce and toss it for coating.
  • Immediately serve.

firecracker shrimp

N/B: You can check for doneness by looking at the color and general appearance. For example, a raw shrimp is bluish red, feels limp on touching, and is translucent. Fewer minutes into cooking, they turn bright pink losing their translucence. It then turns plump and steady, as its tails curl up. Cooking should take very few minutes to achieve its sweetness, tenderness, and juiciness. For this reason, don’t make a mistake of overcooking. Again, when eating with your hands, use the tail shell as the handle.


Firecracker shrimp recipe is among the easiest for preparing. It’s a meal that can take less than 30 minutes. Most families love the firecracker shrimp meals because they’re tasty, versatile, and easy to cook. We’ve got various types of shrimp, including fresh and cold water, Argentinean, pacific white, Tiger black, among others. The shrimp also come in different sizes and figures, with various packets labeled with numbers. To make a firecracker shrimp, you need a sauce made of honey, sriracha, fresh ginger, lemon juice, sweet chili garlic, and salt. The ingredients are canola oil, eggs, cornstarch, black pepper, and medium peeled shrimp.

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