How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes To Grow Back

People tend to fall for the influence of receiving instant gratification by thinking of getting fuller and longer eyelashes after cutting all. If it’s your first time, then your eyelashes growth rate will be on a trial and error basis to see how better or worse they can be. But how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

Will they keep you waiting forever to see them again? What will you be doing meanwhile as you wait for their growth? Let’s find out everything you should know about eyelashes and their growth rate. Keep reading to know more.

Why do you need eyelashes?

Eyelashes largely contribute to our facial look and appearance.? They spice up how we feel about our faces. Not only do they protect our eyes from chemicals and debris, but also complement our faces’ pictures. They bring an incredible border for our eyes, causing beauty around the eyebrows and the parts around that area.

That’s why several women out there invest a lot of time and money to bring their eyelashes on point and improve beauty. As you think in the line of making trips to the salons for eyelash extensions and care, let’s understand how lashes come out and how long they take to grow back.

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Eyelashes fall out

What causes lashes to fall out? Well, there are various reasons and especially because it’s a natural growth cycle for our bodies. Other reasons include illnesses, beauty treatment messes, and injuries, among others.

Falling out is a usual thing, only that it happens unconsciously unless you’re starting to pay attention due to getting started with eyelash extensions.

Most individuals link lash fall out with the extensions, but it may not be the case. Maybe that can happen if you’re less experienced in pulling out your lash extensions. The same thing affects other hairs, right?

Eyelashes growth

The question remains; how long do eyelashes take to grow back? For us to answer this quiz, we should understand the eyelashes? growth cycle. It has three main stages (anagen, catagen, and telogen) as elaborated below;

  1. Anagen

Anagen is the first growth cycle for lashes. It takes between 30 and 45 days. Here, the upper lashes grow up to around 15%, and the lower about 40%.

  1. Catagen

It’s the second stage, where there’s a shift between the stopping growth point and when the lashes haven’t started resting. It’s at this instance when the eye’s hair follicle begins to reduce.? Catagen is the shortest phase taking two to three weeks.

Additionally, it’s when your lashes are fragile, sensitive, and vulnerable. You should, therefore, be careful when removing your extension. Don’t make it forceful because you might pluck everything out. If you mistakenly do that, it will take even longer to have them reach this stage again.

  1. Telogen

After the catagen is entirely done, the next phase is telogen. It’s known as the resting stage because your lashes will now be fully formed with the follicle shrunk completely. You can have the new healthy feeling of having lashes. The stage can last for over 30 days before falling out and preparing for the first stage, and the cycle goes on.

It’s imperative noting that your eyelashes grow at different times and points in the three cycles, so it’s very normal for some to fall out at the same time. It’s perhaps unusual when all do that at the same time. Treat that with a lot of care because something may have gone wrong. See a dermatologist or professional in case of any suspicion as it could signify the onset of a health problem.

Back to the main question: How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

Alright, we have a lot of variables, but putting everything constant, it ranges between five and eight weeks before starting to grow again. Plucking them out completely lengthens the duration. Because you’d have forced the cycle to embark on the process earlier than usual. As we said, the cycle continues, and obviously, preparation is essential for efficient growth. For them to fully grow, wait for one to six months, also depending on the circumstance of fall out.

How to prevent eyelash falling

Growth being a biological process, you can fail to temper with it, either slowing or increasing the rate. However, we have some things that can be done for adding the life of eyelashes. Look at the following tips;

  • Avoid frequent eye rubbing

We sometimes rub our eyes without conscience. You may never realize until a warning with a penalty given for rubbing them. It could be feeling itchy or having strange objects making it feel uncomfortable. It’s a general healthy habit, not to touch your eyes to avoid entry of bacteria. In this context, rubbing could pull out your lashes, leaving your eyes almost bear- if they’re weak.

  • Habitually remove makeup at night

It’s almost an obvious practice for most women; forgetting to remove eye makeup when heading to bed. We’ve ever done it, correct? It’s a bad practice as it might dry out your lashes, making it weaker and can eventually break. Therefore, don’t forget and sleep with your day’s facial appearance.

  • Use clean makeup accessories

Our makeup brushes, sponges, and kits are potential stores for bacteria and germs. Such pastes can irritate your eyes, leading to the loss of your pretty lashes. Regularly cleaning your face beauty accessories will help avoid this mistake.

  • Lash curlers

Never use eyelash curlers, if you need something special for lashes, consult an expert for leads on the best lash serum for strengthening.

How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes To Grow Back

The Bottom Line

You now have acquired knowledge of what you should know about eyelashes. They’re vitally useful for completing our facial appearance, making us look more beautiful. Some of the causes for lash fall out include illnesses, injuries, misuse of beauty-related products, among others.

It’d be useful if you understand the eyelashes’ growth phases such as anagen, catagen, and telogen with the duration they take, as mentioned above. Learn more about care for your eyelashes to avoid losses, and it’s good advice to seek a doctor’s attention in case of unexplained pulling out of all eyebrows at the same time.

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