How Long Does Mayonnaise Last Once Opened?

Do you have a jar of mayonnaize in your fridge that you have already opened, and you have no intention of using it any sooner? You are worried about how long it can last in this state? Well, the obvious answer is that your mayonnaise may not last long once you open the jar.

The rate at which this product goes bad depends on the ingredients used in making it, as well as the method of storage. This article discusses the storage factor, what makes mayonnaise go bad, and how long it lasts once the jar is opened.

How Long Does Mayonnaise Last

What Makes Mayonnaise Go Bad?

Can mayonnaise go bad? Yes, it can, that is, the jar has a label indicating by when the condiment should be used. After this date, your mayonnaize will go bad, even if you store it in the fridge. The contents or ingredients of mayonnaize include egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and oil.

With the exception of the egg component, the rest of the ingredients can last for more than a year, provided the jar stays sealed. Once opened, the first component to go bad is the egg content, which ends up ruining the whole condiment. This usually occurs within two months of leaving an open jar of mayonnaise.

Depending on the freshness of the ingredients used in making the mayonnaise, this condiment can still be used 2 to 3 months after the? best-by? date. Beyond this period, it becomes useless. In most cases, mayonnaise is stored in a fridge, though not necessary for an unopened jar. Even better, you can store your mayonnaise in a pantry, in cold or low temperatures, and free from water or any possible moisture.

How to Know Your Mayonnaise Has Gone Bad

When your mayonnaize has been in the fridge or pantry for months without use, you may get concerned about whether or not it has gone bad. To ascertain this, follow the steps below:

  • Examine the appearance of the mayonnaize. Signs of spores or molds at the jar’s neck are clear indications that the condiment has run out of use. Also, discard the whole thing when it appears brown-yellow or darker.
  • Check out for any strange smell from the jar. Once you sense an emission of acidic or putrid odorous smell from the jar, the mayonnaize has gone bad and useless.
  • The next thing you can check to know whether your mayonnaize is still in good condition is the taste. Once you notice an absence of its original flavor, have nothing to do with it. A sweet flavor is the basis of a yummy mayonnaize, and, once it disappears, do away with the condiment.
  • Go by your instincts. If you have been using mayonnaize for some time, you do not have to go through the above steps. Your guts will tell you it is time to discard it, even without tasting or smelling it.

Proper Storage

You will want your mayonnaize to take you a little longer without going bad. This means you have to take the necessary measures to ensure proper storage, whether opened or unopened. When your mayonnaize jar is unopened, the guidelines for storage are much similar to those for mustard. As mentioned earlier, unopened mayonnaize should be stored in an area with low temperatures, away from water or moisture.

For instance, if you have a cabinet in your kitchen that is a distance away from the source of heat, or even better, a pantry, this will do perfectly fine. Moreover, you can choose to store your mayonnaize in a fridge, though it is not a must if it is still unopened.

Once the mayonnaize jar is opened, ensure that it is tightly sealed and always stored in the fridge. This certainly ensures that the milk content does not go bad sooner. However, once the jar is opened, you have to use the mayonnaize within 2 months, after which it becomes useless. This brings us to the question of how long mayonnaize lasts with proper storage.

How Long Does Mayonnaise Last?

When you purchase a jar of mayonnaize, you will notice it has a label of? best-by date.? This is the date before which your mayonnaize still has its peak quality. Your mayonnaize can still be used up to 3 months after this date because it is not the expiry date.

How to Know Your Mayonnaise Has Gone Bad

This is because mayonnaise is prepared using ingredients and preservatives that ate long-lasting and can last this long when the jar is not opened. Mere separation of oil from the condiment is not a sign of going bad, it only requires stirring.

The mayonnaise in an opened jar may not last that long, especially at room temperatures. An open jar of mayonnaise stored in areas with room temperature can only last 8 hours, after which you will have to discard it. However, if you tightly seal the jar after opening it and storing it in a fridge, where there are low temperatures, you can still use your mayonnaise for the next 2 months past the? best-by? date.

The homemade mayonnaise made using raw eggs will last for an even shorter period than the commercial mayonnaise made using pasteurized eggs. Your homemade mayonnaise will only last one week when stored in the fridge. Therefore, the time it takes for your mayonnaise to stay in good condition depends heavily on the storage method.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article has sufficiently answered your questions regarding How Long Mayonnaise Last, especially after the jar has been opened. Basically, you have learned that the time your mayonnaise stays in good condition depends on two important factors. First, the freshness of the ingredients and the effectiveness of the preservatives used in preparing the condiment.

The second is the method of storage. Therefore, endeavor to buy the mayonnaise made with fresh ingredients and effective preservatives. Once you open the jar at home, keep it tightly sealed and stored it in the fridge all the time it is not being used. This way, you can at least use it for 2 more months.

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