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Waxing time varies with various factors such as the surface area covered, amount of hair to remove, waxing frequency, and hair growth, among others. For instance, eliminating lip and eyebrows hair is very quick compared to leg waxing. You notice that having courser hair may need more swiping for better results. It would help if you also had time to get to a spa or a specialist for waxing. We’ve got shops that can do bikini waxing in ten minutes maximum as salons may take longer. How long does waxing last? So, let’s read through this article and find out more concerning waxing. Keep reading.

Factors affecting the wax duration

Let’s look at body hair growth as a factor affecting waxing duration. The hair grows in three stages, namely, growing, resting, and transition. Hair follicles grow mainly in the growing stage, and the remaining part is in either the transition or resting phases.

In short, even during waxing, there’s more hair underneath the skin that needs removal and isn’t on the surface yet. Furthermore, it could be above but not allowing proper grasping, thus takes longer to wax.

How long does waxing last

Growth factors, including sex, affect the duration of hair developing in the growing phase. Other is such as age, hormone levels, season, and genetics also affect the growth rate in the three stages. Do you ever notice the difference in thickness and color of hair in various parts? Take an example of the bikini area. It’s thicker and darker than others like a facial that’s finer and lighter. The bikini area will potentially last longer than the face. There’s again a difference in personal hair cycles. That’s why you shouldn’t expect your legs’ waxing time to be similar to your friend’s.

How often you undergo waxing also affects the amount of time taken for waxing. If you’re a regular, your hair is likely less both on the surface and inside the skin, thereby allowing less time. You’ll also have lesser sensations unlike first-timers who’ll need moderation due to the slightly felt pain, and it may require more minutes. Regular waxing contributes to the skin remaining hairless for quite some time. It removes hair from the root damaging the follicle as time goes by. The follicle may be weaker or even cease growing entirely so that you’ve no more body hair growth.

Waxing duration

Each part may take different time lengths. For example, facial can be five minutes or more with the specialist performing residual plucking for removal of the likely remaining hair. The armpits also take a shorter time compared to the face. Longer durations are taken on legs and arms because of the large space volume to cover. Men’s? backs and chests are the main waxing areas preferred. They take as long as the legs and arms or even longer; between 10 and 15 minutes.

For the bikini area, more so among women, it’s slower the first time. Estheticians will begin by trimming the hair around this part using a pair of scissors. After that, the length will depend on the client’s pain perseverance and tolerance. Prepare to take are 20 minutes or more to get things done. Brazilian waxes are tougher, therefore maybe last even for over 40 minutes for first-timers.? You get used to sensations and pain after making several visits, thus more comfortable and shorter time taken for waxing.

The best hair size for waxing

To achieve the best out of waxing, your hair should be a quarter or half an inch. People with coarse hair should have it at a half-inch. The hair should be finer if you want a shorter time for waxing. Those having long hair should shave before getting another appointment after two or three weeks.

Waxing makes your skin smoother after undergoing the procedure around three times. It’s because your hair grows in different stages and at different times.

How frequent should waxing treatment be?

Waxing your body regularly is crucial for making your skin less sensitive. It’s recommended that you do it after four to five weeks. By doing this, the hair follicle develops a weaker attachment to your hair. Consequently, it’ll break more easily with removal. You’ll additionally have less hair growth with regular waxing.

Expectations on your first experience

What should one expect during their first waxing treatment? Well, you should obviously think of getting pure skin, hairless. However, you may have minor skin irritation and redness for a few hours, around 36 to 48. Again, your skin may be slightly itchy during regrowth, but don’t worry because you’ll be given post-wax care alternatives to relieve some of these symptoms. Advice to brides in need of wax should get the treatment four weeks before your wedding day to avoid possible frustration.

How long does waxing last

Preparation for waxing sessions

There are several things you should do before going for a waxing appointment. They include;

  • Ensure your hair length is within the appropriate range as earlier stated.
  • Please don’t take a shower minutes before the treatment as it may soften your hair, making it more fragile and reducing the waxing effect.
  • The areas for waxing should remain clean.
  • Avoid some medications and products that may render wax services meaningless, for example, Accutane medicines for acne, blood thinning products, topical cortisone, and exfoliants, including Renova, Retin-A, and hydroquinone. These products increase skin sensitivity and irritability, among other complications to deny you peace after wax. It’d be best if you consult your practitioner or medic before using the products with scheduled waxing appointments.

The Bottom Line

Hair removal time through wax depends on various factors including age, sex, hair growth, personality hair cycle, genetics, and frequency of wax treatment. Considering the thickness, different parts differ. For example, the bikini region requires more wax time as it has thicker hair that takes longer to remove from the root as likened to facial hair. Back and chest hair in men also take longer.

The wax quality is also a factor not to overlook. A good example is a Brazilian wax that is more thorough, therefore taking time to clear appropriately. Frequenting waxing like say every four to five weeks without failure also gives less time for removing the hair due to minimal skin sensation and less hair.

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