How To Clean Cuisinart Dual Coffee Maker

If you can’t get started without your morning cup of coffee, you are not alone. Coffee is unarguably one of the most consumed beverages in the world and is mostly made with a coffee maker (especially at home).

The coffee maker is an effective electronic appliance that brews delicious cups of coffee automatically for you and your family to enjoy. Cuisinart Dual Coffee Maker (a two-way coffee maker) is a nice brand with the major feature of an auto-drip face and a single-serve brewer.

It is one of the best dual coffee makers and due to its functionality, it needs as much care as other appliances in the home. To keep it up and running, you must clean it regularly. Most individuals often get clueless about how to care for a coffee maker like this, even though the Cuisinart Coffee Maker comes with a self-clean feature.

Here are some simple and useful tips on how to clean your Cuisinart Dual Coffee Maker quickly and easily.

1. Remove It All

By this, I mean all substances should be removed from the machine before you start cleaning. This would require you to empty your water reservoir, pour out any coffee left, and remove the remaining grounds from the reusable filter basket.

Coffee grounds leave residue and stains in the brew basket and you do not want to have this mess up your coffee’s great taste. Doing this ensures a proper and easy cleaning process for your machine.

2. Clean One after the Other

As there are two parts to this machine (auto drip and single serve), make sure the cleaning process is done one after the other. This ensures you pay major attention to each side and have your coffee maker sparkling again.

3. Use Water and Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. Because of its acidity, it can break down icky buildups. Making use of it in a coffee maker dissolves all accrued mineral deposits, and mold build-up, and sanitizes it for next time use.

Although it may leave some lingering smell later on as you make use of your coffee maker, no worries; that will not be the case if you use the right quantity and the proper cleaning process below. For your cleaning solution, do this:

For the Auto Coffee Maker side

  • Remove the filter in the reservoir (optional)
  • Fill your carafe with up to 8 cups of water (serving as a measuring cup) and pour the water into the reservoir
  • Add about 4 ounces of white vinegar to the water (do this for each side one after the other)
  • Cover the Lid

For the Single Serve

  • Remove the reusable filter holder/home barista (this also needs cleaning on its own, you should do that from time to time as you make use of your coffee machine)  
  • Fill the reservoir halfway with some water
  • Add the same quantity of vinegar
  • Cover the Lid

4. Run the Solution

After adding the water and vinegar solution to your dual coffee maker, run the solution by pressing the ‘clean button’ on the front of the panel. This button lights up every time to tell you it’s time to clean out your coffee maker, so you should be observant.

5. Inspection Time

This stage requires a proper check once your coffee maker has gone through the appropriate brewing cycle. Here, make sure you inspect the inside of the reservoir to make sure you have a sparkling clean container.

Allow it to cool down, refill the reservoir with clean water this time around, and run the cycle again to rinse out the system and prevent an aftertaste for a later morning brew.

Wash your carafe and filter holder with warm and soapy water. Check the linked article for a link to the best dual coffee makers to shop for.


It is quite understandable that cleaning the coffee maker is everyone’s least part of drinking coffee. Nonetheless, it has to be done. Your Cuisinart Dual Coffee Maker is easy to clean when you follow these simple tips above. When you do this from time to time, you ensure the consumption of healthy coffee with a great and refreshing taste always.

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