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How well do you know kielbasa? It’s a Poland sausage. It was initially prepared in Polish rural areas by combining various food substances, including garlic, pork, marjoram herb, salt, and pepper. Today, people make it using turkey, lamb, chicken, and beef. During preparation, the contents are first cured before flavouring with various spices. You can tell the difference between kielbasa and regular sausage by the coarse texture, garlic taste, and its authentic Polish making method.

How to Cook Kielbasa

Cooking kielbasa basically depends on the type at hand. Various varieties such as regular or Zwyczajna, which can be eaten without cooking heating through frying, grilling or baking, will be helpful for a shorter time. The other type is Biala or white kielbasa. It’s the raw type that requires boiling, followed by baking or frying or grilling. The third is dried kielbasa that can be eaten directly-no boiling or heating.

In America, the most common type is smoked. It’s also mainly made of pork with a little beef amount. The typical cured kind has a pretty pink color. For this reason, any uncured without pink is a scam. It may be composed of celery juice that has concentrated sodium nitrite amounts similar to the cured kielbasa. Garlic can’t miss in it. The only thing not included is paprika because if added, it turns kielbasa into Hungarian sausage that’s not a real kielbasa.

It’s very easy to prepare Poland kielbasa, especially if you understand the process of making smoked sausages. Some people chose to sort of age by hanging the smoked ones in a curing chamber for some time before eating. They take around two to four days. The purpose is to dry them a little, and this makes it more flavorful. So, let’s start to learn How to Cook Kielbasa.

Nutritional information ( 370g of kielbasa )



108.8G Fat168%
270.1g Cholesterol90%
3870.2g Sodium161%
17.7g Carbohydrates6%
45.7g Proteins91%
59.9mg Vitamin C67%
148mg Calcium11%
3.4g Iron19%
1134.8g Potassium24%
736.3g Phosphorus59%

Kielbasa Recipe ingredients

Boneless pork4 pounds
Cold water½ cup
Black pepper1 teaspoon
Cloves garlic2
Salt4 teaspoons
Marjoram1 teaspoon
Hog casings14 feet


Kielbasa recipe

  • Start by grinding the meat.
  • Get a bowl for mixing water, garlic, marjoram, salt, and pepper. After that, combine the mixture with meat.
  • Place the ground meat in the fridge for two hours or more.
  • For stuffing, get a casing and tie a knot at the end and coat it with cooking spray, then insert the meat into the stuffer. One hand pushes the meat in the stuffer, and the other checks the size. Considering the kielbasa will shrink after cooking, you need the right amount of thickness. However, don’t overstuff because it might burst.
  • Take the kielbasa in the fridge until ready for cooking.
  • Position the oven in the middle and set it at medium temperature for preheating.
  • Arrange the kielbasa on a tray and place it on the oven. You don’t have to cut them into pieces, especially if they fit on the tray.
  • Allow baking between 15 and 20 minutes. Flip the kielbasa after intervals of five minutes using tongs for evenly baking.
  • After the 15 or more minutes, get it out and give it around three minutes before serving. It can be served with steamed broccoli, Roasted Brussels, and cauliflower.


Kielbasa was originally made in Poland using ingredients such as pork, salt, pepper, garlic, and marjoram. These days people have changed and now use chicken, beef, turkey, and lambs. Its preparation is very easy, especially if you know how to make smoked sausages. jIt has various ways of cooking, including frying, grilling, and baking. You can follow the above procedure to get the best kielbasa for yourself.

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