How to freeze zucchini? A Guide for Beginner Chefs

Zucchini is used in a lot of good recipes and is also easy to grow. Hence, many women and men tend to grow it in their gardens and small lawns. Well if you also do that, you must have a large supply of zucchini at your home. Well, we are here to help you in figuring out how to store and preserve all that zucchini for a long period of time. Yes, you can freeze it directly in the fridge, but you won’t be able to cut them when, let’s say, you have surprise guests at home. In this guide, we can tell you how to freeze zucchini in different ways which makes them last longer. Surely, you have lots of thoughts about recipes if you have got this much zucchini.

Storing in Pieces

You can cut the zucchini into small pieces and store them in the freezer. These pieces can be directly put into the pan while cooking. Hence no worry for guests, right.

Moreover, this method also allows zucchini to survive for longer in your kitchen. The more, the merrier.

So here is how you can freeze zucchini in an effective way.

  • Take zucchinis and cut them into small pieces. (Predict what size pieces you will use in future culinary).
  • Take two large bowls (or buckets depending on your quantity of zucchinis).
  • Fill one with hot water and the other with cold.
  • Blanch the zucchini pieces by putting them in hot water.
  • Remove them in 45-60 seconds and throw them in cold water immediately.
  • They put them on a tray, in a proper pattern if you want, and freeze them for a day.
  • After that remove them from the trays, make small airtight bags of one cup and two cups zucchini.
  • Yes, you have done it. Now, they are preserved for a longer period.

Why Blanching?

Blanching has a lot of benefits when preserving vegetables. It deactivates the enzymes which could otherwise cause discoloration and loss of taste of the zucchini, hence the long period of preservation.

Blanching is done by dunking the vegetables, in this case, zucchini, in boiling water for less than a minute and then removing them and quickly shocking them with cold water.

What Would Happen If You Don’t Blanch?

If you don’t blanch the vegetable, which is zucchini in this case, it is likely to lose its nutrients and also it is color. Moreover, the plant will also move faster to spoilage. Blanching stops the enzymes which cause all these reactions.

Hence, Blanching simply makes them preserve for a longer period of time. Blanching, though a requires a bit of effort, is beneficial to the extreme as it enhances the quality of the vegetable to survive longer and taste better.

Precautions During Blanching

Don’t let the vegetable remain in hot water for too long because the zucchinis will turn soft and squishy. It is because the zucchini will start cooking.

Moreover, while it is suggested for other vegetables, do not add salt in water while blanching zucchini making them softy mushy.

Hence, be extra careful about the time when doing blanching. Every second count. When storing them for freezing at first, keep the pieces separate from each other.

How to Freeze Zucchini Without Blanching

Since blanching requires a bit of effort, there is another way to freeze zucchinis that don’t require blanching.

This method is a bit easier than others. However, it also requires a bit of effort. You need to shred the zucchini into a mince and then store it in the freezer in small packets.

Defrosting Zucchini

Defrosting zucchini is simpler and easier. You can simply put them in the refrigerator overnight to defrost them properly.

Next, take them out of packets and place on them a strainer, and gently press down so that extra water may leave it which was condensed inside it.

If you are defrosting pieces, you can directly use them cooking or defrost them overnight in the refrigerator or for a minute in the microwave oven and use them on salads and other stuff.

Freezing Limit

According to many experts, the freezing limit of zucchini is about a year. However, if you didn’t blanch and shred it, you should consider using it within six months. That’s still plenty of time, Right.


  1. Can you freeze raw zucchini?

Yes, you definitely can. You can either blanch it and then store it in pieces. You can also avoid blanching by shredding the zucchinis. However, a raw uncut zucchini can also be directly frozen but it will not come user-friendly when defrosting.

  1. Can you freeze zucchini without blanching it?

Yes, you can do it. Freezing Zucchini without blanching is an interesting method. In this method, you can shred the zucchini and then the freezer.

  1. What is the best way to preserve zucchini?

In our personal opinion, blanching and then storing in pieces is the best option. One because it preserves them for a longer period of time, and second because it can come in handy when working on particular recipes, hence you will cut the exact size pieces which you require.

  1. Can I freeze spiralized zucchini?

No, it is not recommended. Cooking is different, but Salad can’t be planned like that for a longer period. Though, you can refrigerate it for some days but can’t be preserved like that.

  1. What can you use frozen zucchini for?

Frozen zucchini can be used for several dishes and recipes. You can use them on bread, fry them, use them in soups, muffins, and also you can scramble them into the rice. You can also use them in making pizzas and lasagna.

Some Last Words:

We have gone through the opinion of the professionals to compile this article in which we have shared how to freeze zucchini.

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