How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

Nobody likes pests and parasites in their home, which are annoying and cause significant harm they are not attended to. Carpet beetles are one of the common types of pests found in most households. They are black, white, or yellow in color. Carpet beetles? larvae can thrive in homes if they are left alone due to their diet of fabric and human products. They lay eggs on furniture, clothing, or rugs.? The larvae stage is the most dangerous stage of carpet beetles as it feeds on fabrics, carpet animal and human products, textiles, and leather. However, adult carpet beetles are considered less dangerous since they mostly feed on plants and nectar outdoors. But how do you prevent this damage? This article discusses how to get rid of carpet beetles.

Vacuuming is the quickest and the best method to remove carpet beetles in your home. When thoroughly vacuuming your home, focus on the source and most affected areas. Vacuum your whole home to remove all beetles. Cleaning at least every day a week prevents future infestation. Others may choose to vacuum even twice a day, depending on how bad is the outbreak.

how to get rid of carpet beetles

Also, vacuum any upholstered furniture and fabric-covered areas that can’t be cleaned with the washing machine. Remember to throw away the vacuum bad right after vacuuming. Professional vacuum cleaners should be hired where needed.

  • Steam cleaning

Beetles are easily destroyed with the use of the ZappBug heating unit. The infested items such as clothes and rugs should be placed in the bag, which is at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for about one and a half hours. Moreover, items such as furniture and carpets should be cleaned using a steam cleaner. The specialized steam cleaner should be hired to utilize the great pressurized hot water technique. Washing with warm water removes all the remaining eggs after vacuuming. Continue regularly cleaning to prevent possible reinfestation.

  • Maintaining cleanliness

Using hot water and detergent, wash all clothes, pillows, linens, and towels in your home. Since carpet beetles lay eggs in furniture linens and clothes, it’s advisable to regularly remove any cotton and fabric materials in your homes. Check all corners of the furniture and clean with hot water. Periodically clean your carpet and rug, possibly removing them while washing to scrub the bare floor.

Additionally, visit all corners of the house to suspected egg-laying places. Furthermore, clean the outdoor environment by cutting all the unnecessary trees to minimize carpet beetle breeding and feeding places. However, items that cannot be cleaned with water should be dry cleaned and disinfected by a professional.

  • Disposal of items

Why keep those items that are not usable in the house? These are the most likely breeding points for carpet beetles. Any worn-out items such as old clothing pieces and fabric should be tossed into the outdoor trash can or burned. Infested food should also be thrown out. Keeping such things makes it more difficult to stop the infestation. One can also consider regularly changing worn-out furniture to minimize possible infestation.

  • Use of insecticide

When having troubles in reaching some areas where carpet beetles are hiding. Consider getting insecticide. Such areas include; crevices and cracks, under sinks, baseboards, shelving, and closet walls. However, pesticides are not recommended to use on furniture and clothing. Limit its application to areas that collect lint only. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands and throw away the containers immediately after application. Wear gloves and protectives gear when spraying insecticides.

  • Applying Boric acid

Boric acid can also be used to get rid of carpet beetles from those places that are harder to get. Boric acid, when sprinkled on carpet, furniture, and rug, kills all the remaining eggs and beetles. After vacuuming, sprinkle boric acid and leave for about two hours.

The boric spray can also be made by mixing 1 teaspoonful of boric acid with 2 cups of hot water, stir until the powder dissolves. This mixture can be sprayed in hard-to-reach areas. However, boric acid has a bleaching effect and should not be used on dark and color materials.

  • Use a Hormone-based glue trap

In case the infestation is severe, sticky hormone-based traps should be placed throughout the home to attract and trap the carpet beetles. These traps can be put in open windows, doors, confined areas where beetles hide.? Carpet beetles that fly through the windows can be trapped even with sticky traps without hormones. This should be done at least twice a week.

  • Spraying the surfaces with vinegar

Vinegar can also be used to get rid of carpet beetle. Applying a mixture of white or apple vinegar with water to shelves, hangers, drawers, window sills, and cupboards remove any food residue and kill all carpet beetles. This is a very simple means in case the infestation is not that serious

carpet beetle

  • Identifying and removal any source

After carrying out all the above activities, you now think of keeping the home free from carpet beetles. Check all the furniture, doors, and windows for holes and keep them closed. Ensure a clean outdoor environment clearing all the bird nets and beehives that can be hiding places for beetles. Examine all the stuff brought at home including; flowers, plants, furniture, and clothing to prevent any infestation. Additionally, practice regular fumigation and cleaning vacuuming you see any flying or creeping pest.

The Bottom Line

Carpet beetle infestation can cause devastating and costly damage, especially if you own expensive items. The insect can also create an allergic skin reaction in sensitive people. Using homemade methods to kill beetles is the best way to get rid of this inconvenient nuisance. In extreme conditions, one can take further comprehensive management.

The hiring of qualified pest control specialists helps to kill and manage the infestation of carpet beetles. However, it’s important to note that carpet beetles do not cause many dangerous diseases. In case the infestation of carpet beetles persists even after following the above guidelines, contact the area pest control and management to get the solution. You now know how to get rid of carpet beetles!

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