3 Best Meatballs- How to Make Frozen Meatballs Taste Better

It feels good when you bite on a yummy meatball made in a hotel or your friend’s party, and you think you should try making some at home. Or, you always enjoy watching frozen meatball recipes on YouTube and other kitchen magazines, but you have never taken the time to try creating your favorite meal at home. If you like tasty dishes, you can create time to learn how to make frozen meatballs taste better at home.

Imagine how much you would save if you started preparing those yummy dishes at home? For that case, let us look at how to make those tasty, delicious cookies at home and turn them into every day’s favorite meals.

How to Make Tasty Frozen Meatballs

You may be surprised to find out that making tasty frozen meatballs is as simple as cooking your favorite meal. The only difference comes in when freezing them for later hours or days. Storing meatballs in the fridge can be a life hack if you need a quick appetizer to pop in the oven and eat after a tiresome day or when rushing to work. Mostly, you may not be a fan of eating frozen meatballs sold in the stores because they contain fattening ingredients that you are not satisfied with or you are allergic to.

Therefore, you decide to try something new in your kitchen for your family or just yours alone. Fortunately, homemade frozen meatballs can last for days or even a month and still taste good, provided you make them using healthy ingredients. To understand better how to make frozen meatballs tasty even after some days, you need to learn about the two methods of preparations, as described below;

Method 1: Freezing Raw Meatballs

This method involves freezing the meatball before cooking them. Follow these steps to make your meatballs delicious when you decide to cook and serve them.

  • Rolls the meat into ping-pong-sized balls: After preparing the mixture, roll the mixture into tiny balls. Remember, making the balls too big can be hard to reshape once frozen and cause them to clump together, forming more giant balls. Moreover, use quality meat when preparing your mixture for the meatballs to last longer and taste better.
  • Arrange the meatballs on the covered baking tray: You can use parchment paper or aluminum foil to cover a baking tray. Alternatively, you can spray non-sticky greasing spray on the try or spread melted butter. Arrange the meatballs on the tray one inch apart to prevent clumping.
  • Freezing: Place the tray with meatballs in the freezer, ensuring no frozen food mistakenly squashes the balls. Allow the meatballs for approximately five hours to overnight to freeze until solid.
  • Place the meatballs in an airtight container: If you plan to cook them some days later, you can store them in an airtight container and keep the container in a safer area in the freezer. Raw meatballs can last for one month when being frozen.
  • Thawing raw meatballs: When you are ready to eat the meatballs, remove them from the freezer and allow them to thaw at room temperature for about four hours. You can also wait until the meatballs are no longer frozen and cook the meatball based on your liking. You can even boil them into your favorite sauce to cook and thaw them.

Method 2: Freezing Cooked Meatballs

If you find the first method unsuitable for you, you can try this second method to freeze the already cooked meatballs. This method is the best for most working people who would love to store ready food in the freezer and eat at any time without undergoing a complicated cooking procedure. So, here is how to freeze already-cooked meatballs;

  • Cooking the raw meatballs: After rolling the mixture into ping-pong-sized balls, you can cook them using your preferred method. Cook the meatballs entirely until they are no longer pink but slightly crisped or golden brown. Sprinkle little oil while cooking to make them taste better after freezing.
  • Allow them to cool: After cooking the meatballs, place them on a large plate covered with a napkin and allow them to cool for about 10 minutes. Allowing meatballs to cool before placing them in a freezer helps them freeze faster and efficiently.
  • Freezing the meatballs: Cooked meatballs can either be stored in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag, which can keep the meatballs fresh for three months in the freezer. After packing the meatballs in the container, label it with a permanent marker mentioning the type of meatballs and the date.
  • Reheating the meatballs: Frozen cooked meatballs do not to be thawed. You can cook them in a pan with the sauce, bake them in the oven, or cook them for several hours. You can garnish them with cheese and enjoy your tasty meal.

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3 Best Meatballs

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After learning how to make frozen meatballs taste better even after one month in the freezer, can you compare them with other meatballs from the store? If you cannot feel the difference, you can try out these three famous meatballs and learn how to make them at home;

  1. Rosina Home Style Meatball

Rosina Home Style Meatball is a beef, chicken, and pork blend, giving the product a mouthwatering taste you will never find in other products. It is versatile in all recipes, and you prepare when hosting a party or gathering. Although there are many ways to cook Rosina Home Style Meatball, the best way is cooking in the microwave. One serving of or six Rosina contains 13g protein and 240 calories.

  1. Hormel Compleats Swedish Meatballs

The Hormel Compleats Swedish Meatballs are made of noodles and creamy pasta sauce. They are packed in a microwaveable bowl. It will only take you one minute to prepare Hormel Compleats Swedish Meatballs instead of buying the store’s product. Luckily, it is not expensive compared to the 14g of proteins you will get from it. Additionally, it does not need freezing, so you can carry it anywhere and eat at any time. There are no artificial ingredients used in preparing these delicious and nutritious meatballs, which are convenient and healthy.

  1. Omaha Steaks All-Beef Meatballs

Omaha Steaks Meatballs are made of 100% premium beef, hand-selected to give you a top-quality product of maximum tenderness and best taste. The meatballs are more massive and spiced with Italian style to provide them with an exceptional taste you shouldn’t miss. Omaha Steaks All-Beef Meatballs are low-cab, nutritious, and an excellent source of protein. Therefore, it is a perfect dish for a leisurely lunch or a quick meal when you don’t feel like cooking. The product can be cooked in both microwave and oven for a few minutes. It is also an ideal meal for your guests and family.


How do you feel now? Do you think you should try making your tasty meatballs at home or continue buying and ordering ready meatballs? Of course, picking out a packet of frozen meatballs from the shelf is not an issue. But if you are concerned about anything you eat, you should think about homemade meatballs that will meet your need and health conditions. Therefore, it is time to try out new ideas in your kitchen.

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