How To Make White Chocolate

Most people are chocolate fans. Are you among them? White chocolate is in supermarkets, and stores are usually quite waxy and sweet tasting. However, if you want to enjoy its buttery and creamy flavor, better prepare it from home. It’s because nowadays, manufacturers add a lot of undesirable ingredients for the sake of increasing their life. Others sometimes use Trans fatty hydrogenated oils instead of cocoa butter, thus contributing to the chocolate’s waxy texture.

How To Make White Chocolate

White chocolate comprises milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. The composition makes it highly saturated with fat. Eating chocolate is often times associated with mood and energy-boosting. It’s gotten from seeds called cocoa beans found in cacao trees. During the chocolate-making process, the beans are extracted from their shells, followed by fermentation, dried, and liquefied. It’s loaded with caffeine and other substances boosting mood and energy when consumed.

If you wish to prepare it from scratch with cocoa butter, then you should select a high-quality type from the supermarket. It’d be best if you check to ensure it’s the edible kind and not for cosmetics. Be warned against buying the cosmetic type because you don’t want to eat something intended for body scrubbing.

In case you obtain raw white chocolate, don’t add ore other ingredients because it already has the basics. ?You need to check the contents and confirm that it contains cocoa butter and not vegetable butter. Remember not to open the packet earlier because of damage by exposure to moisture in the air.

Nutritional information

The table below has nutritional facts of white chocolate- one bar of 85g serving;

Vitamin C0.4g0%
Vitamin D0mcg0%

Other people prefer getting it already chopped- white chocolate chips, maybe for lacking time to chop. The same tip for not opening the packet in advance still remains. You only do that after when ready to place in a double boiler. You should also check for butter content. The bad news is that chocolate chips don’t melt finely compared to a blocked form, seemingly due to unwanted additives in them.

Recipe ingredients

Tablespoon milk powder2
Tablespoon salt1/8
Icing sugar1/3
Tablespoon vanilla essence1/4

white chocolate recipe


The following is the procedure for white chocolate preparation at home. But before looking at it, it’d be useful to know the techniques for preparing it. They include;

  • Melting– The melting method is done by converting the block into its molten state. Heat cautiously as burnt chocolate has a disgusting taste. It’s slightly challenging to melt because of high ilk content.
  • Microwave– Using the microwave has to be utilized very carefully because of a higher potential scorching risk. Ensure the power is medium and let it stay for 20seconds. If it doesn’t work, do it again until it gets fine. Don’t forget to keep stirring in between intervals to reduce overheating.
  • Tempering- Do you get amazed by the snapping sound produced when biting chocolate? Yes, tempering is responsible for that sound plus the shiny appearance. It involves heating then cooling for ensuring the uniform formation of crystals.
  • Molding- Once you’ve tempered, the chocolate is put into molds. Cupcakes or ice-cube trays can also be used in case you lack molds. Aluminum foil pieces can also be useful, however, the final result will be irregular.
  • Refrigerating– The refrigerator causes uniform cooling of the molded chocolate. You can also freeze, but it’s not recommended for no uniform cooling. Now, you can use the following preparation process;
  • Fill a saucepan with water and cover with a bowl. Ensure the container isn’t in contact with the water.
  • Add butter.
  • Mix using a spoon till it melts.
  • Gradually add little icing sugar as you continue mixing.
  • Once it’s properly mixed, add the milk powder.
  • Finely mix the mixture to avoid lumps formation.
  • Add vanilla essence plus salt.
  • Spoon the mixture and see it molding.
  • Refrigerate for around an hour. It should be firm and not sticky.
  • Demould the chocolate.
  • Serve or store for future consumption.


There’s no rocket science in preparing white chocolate or any other form of it. However, we can say that it comprises food science.

Make several attempts without getting discouraged by the first few practices that may result in irregular clumps, or scorched. It’d serve you best if you paid attention to the simple techniques mentioned above. Follow the procedure keenly to get the right taste.

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