How to Remove Dipped Nails In Easy Ways

Beauty has taken our feminine generation by surprise, and every woman is fighting to glamourous and outsmart each other. Walking around, you will see hundreds of women in beauty shops trying to do what they like most, manicures and pedicures. Dipping their nails with powder, not caring how to remove them, has become their next big thing. However, this art of manicure has become a nuisance to many.

Now that many salons are brought to a standstill due to the coronavirus’s current situation, many are wondering how they can remove dipped nails at home. Putting in mind that this is a strong layer of color created on top of the nail, removing it without cutting off the nail can be a bit hectic and requires much attention.

How to Remove Dipped Nails

But you still need to remove it, yes, how do you do it? Worry not. Gone are the days when you had to visit the beauty parlor to have your dip powder removed. You can now do this at home on your own following simple steps. Here are the steps on how to remove dipped nails at home using simple tools

Firstly, you need these tools when removing dipped nails

  • A nail buffers
  • Nail clippers
  • Pure acetone
  • An orange stick or metal cutting pusher
  • A bowl

With your tools ready, you can now start performing your task.

  1. Cut off the excess nail

Probably, your nails have grown a little more beyond the dipped nail. Cut off the excess length using the nail clippers. This shortens the entire process as you only have to focus on the dipped part of the nail.

  1. File the top layer

Using the nail buffer, file the top of the dipped nail to remove the seal. Buff away at least two-thirds of the polish from your nail, be careful not to cut down to your nail bed. Filing the top layer with a nail buffer ensures that the acetone effectively removes the remaining powder layer quickly. After filing, wipe off the excess dust from the nail. Repeat the process in case the top layer appears to be still significant.

  1. Soak your nails in acetone

Firstly, rub petroleum jelly to your fingertips and cuticles before soaking them in acetone. This is a technique to prevent the skin around your nails from drying out. Now submerge your fingers in the acetone in a bowl that is. Soak them for at least 20 minutes to enable the dip powder to loosen. You can use two small bowels. On removing fingers from acetone, place a cotton ball on each finger and wrap them with aluminum foil for the next 15 minutes.

  1. Remove the foil

After 15 minutes, remove the aluminum foil. Waggle it along with the cotton ball back and forth while you pull it off. Use the orange stick or metal pusher to scape off the excess powder that might remain on the nails. The powder should pull off easily without applying more pressure, if not, you will need to repeat the soaking process. Remember, patience is what you need in this process.

  1. Buffing

Here we are again. Now that most of the powder has been removed, use the nail buffer to gently buff the entire nail once again. Be careful not to damage the nail bed. Using the cotton wool or a piece of towel wipe off the dust from the nails, repeating the buffing art to ensure all the dip is removed

Dipped Nails

  1. Nourishing the nails

After buffing and whipping off any dust from your nails. You can now see your nails regaining their natural color. But you are not yet done. Apply cuticle oil on each nail, including the nail beds, and massage each nail. Cuticle oil leaves your fingers and nails nourished replacing all the moisture that was lost when acetone dries up. Extremely wash and sanitize your hands to remove any germ attracted through the entire process.? Your nails are now free from the dip powder.

Dip powder aftermath

This is a step that most people will skip once they have removed dip powder from their nails. How do you that your nails after dip removal? Here is a tip. After dip removal, your nails will show signs of drying often. This calls for extreme aftercare. Frequently apply cuticle oil on your nails to prevent this.

Furthermore, investigate the trending good care products in the market that will keep your nails nourished and healthy. This now a stage you will need to check on your beauty doctor if you do have the products yet. For instance, products like Essie’s Apricot Cuticle oil and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Strengthener can serve better in keeping your nails happy. Other beauty experts suggest varieties of treatment oils to keep your nails shining after dip powder removal. These treatment oils include; Drunk Elephants Virgin Marula Oil, and Byredo hand creams. These products are for those who are big on scents and luxury goods.

According to beauty experts, after dip powder removal does not jump into the next manicure, hold on. Taking a break after dip removal is healthy for your nails. Depending on how frequently you get your nails dipped, skip out on your favorite manicure for a few days every three to four months to give your nails time to breathe. It’s during this time that your nail will regain the lost strength.

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The Bottom Line

Have you mastered how to remove dipped nails? Dipped nail removal is a life hack that everyone can practice at home at ease. There are no complicated steps in this art since most tools used can be found readily in the local stores. Remember the process needs much patience to attain the purpose.

So, my sister, having this in mind will relieve you the burden of visiting salons regularly or hiring beauty experts to help you remove that powder in your nails. Do it yourself and you have the reason to smile.

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