San Francisco | Future Ecotopia

The location is San Francisco.? The year is 2106. The city is powered by geothermal energy? mushrooms? and algae-harvesting towers produce hydrogen, which is stored and distributed via a series of carbon nanotube walls. Fog catchers capture moisture from the atmosphere to distill fresh water.

A network of above-ground and underground systems? fulfill infrastructural needs for the movement of people, water, hover-cars, and energy throughout the city?. Taking cues from nature, a giant super system resembling seaweed and chanterelle mushroom will hold together this network to collect water, power and distribute it across the city.


This stunning vision of Hydro-Net, the San Francisco of the future, is the brainchild of IwamotoScott Architects. Their thought-provoking design for a northern California ecotopia recently won the History Channel?

City of the Future competition. One glimpse of the? full-scale urban system that combines the most innovative green technologies with San Francisco’s unique microclimate and geological conditions? and it’s easy to see why.

Will it ever happen? That’s not a question I can answer. ?But should it happen?? That’s a different story altogether.

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