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Do you love ice cream? If yes, do you know how to prepare it? Well, the preparation process may be easier than thought. What food group does ice cream belong to? Ok, we can say it falls under its diet; own kind. Ice cream is a food known for having chaos with calories and weight gain. However, we’re not suggesting that it has to be sugar-filled or the business kind. There are various ways of making ice cream from home, whereby you add everything by choice.

When making homemade ice cream crosses the mind, most individuals surrender the idea because of having to churn by hand. Sometimes, they get bothered by lacking an ice cream maker or getting it ready if there’s one. You don’t need to be stopped by such situations. You can sort each of those issues using a Vitamix that has the same performance as blenders. It can lead to making confident ice cream in a few minutes.

Vitamix Ice Cream Recipe

A Vitamix blender easily chops ice cubes into finer particles that can be used for ice cream preparation in no time. Its ice cream recipes majorly depend on frozen fruit and ice. Therefore, there’s no need for an ice maker to freeze your batter. It may not be real ice cream due to the lack of added emulsifiers and fat to keep it more pliable. It’d be tasty if served immediately after blending. Vitamix recipes are most people’s favourite, especially for ice creams and smoothies. Running them on the blender. Let’s read on and know more about its recipe.

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Recipe Ingredients

There are various ingredients for different flavours. For instance, vanilla, chocolate, avocado, banana, lime, peach, strawberry, and many more. Banana Vitamix ice cream is soft and healthy to serve for breakfast. No need for additional sugars because it has enough. It’s dairy-free, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free. Avocado is also full of healthy fats, having a soft, creamy, and smooth texture. The likes of chocolate have higher calcium, protein, and carbs contents.

Nevertheless, the higher sugar and calories plus cream need to be watched by people concerned with their weight. Consider the portion sizes. Lime Vitamix ice cream is perfect for summer. Their creaminess and crumble look make it unique from the rest. The following is a sample ingredient recipe for vanilla showing the right quantities for mixing. Have a look.

Ice cubes25
Milk1 Cup
Powdered Sugar1 Cup
Vanilla Extract1 Tablespoon


  • Following the above order, place all ingredients in a Vitamix container then secure the lid.
  • Pick variable one speed.
  • Switch on the machine gradually raise the speed to variable 10, and even higher for five to seven seconds.
  • Press ingredients into the blades using the tamper.
  • Wait for between 30 and 40 seconds, listen to the changing motor sound and formation of four mounds.
  • Once it happens, stop the machine from running. Remember, over blending causes the mixture to melt.
  • Serve immediately post blending or place extra ice in a container for freezing to serve later.
  • Re-blend after storage in a freezer with little water.



Vitamix ice cream recipe has straightforward guidelines for making ice at home. While most people love ice cream so much, it’s useful to watch the ingredients used for preparing your ice. This especially applies to those trying to watch their weight. Ice creams like vanilla and chocolate, depending on the amount of cream and sugar applied, have very high calories- a weight loss enemy.

That’s why you need to also consider having the correct quantities of the ingredients in use. Finally, if you want to be confident in preparing homemade ice, follow the above steps for whichever flavour of choice, to get the best.

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