Ways To Create A Ranch-Inspired, Country Kitchen

Ranch homes are the most popular type of home in 34 US states, particularly in California, Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas, a report from Trulia reveals.

Ways To Create A Ranch-Inspired, Country Kitchen

Dating back to the 1950s, ranch homes are popular for their charm, coziness, and rugged qualities. Incorporating ranch-inspired design into your kitchen is a great way to create a fresh and clean space with a welcoming, rustic touch.

Embrace pattern and color

While painting your kitchen white can often help the room look bright and spacious, opting for brighter colors can lend some real personality and style. Be careful not to go overboard, however. Painting your kitchen cabinets, for example, is an easy way to add a splash of color and warmth. Patterns can also help create a cozy feel in your kitchen. Tweed and plaid blankets are obvious choices for a country feel, but you can also opt for florals, stripes, and woodland animal prints.

Antique features

Although generally defined by their simple, sprawling floor plans and low-slung (although sometimes multi-story) structures, ranches come in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes. They’re also popular for their comfortable, charming, and lived-in feel. By working to emphasize these qualities in your kitchen, you can effectively create a ranch-style design. For example, incorporating antique details can add character and history to your space. Consider replacing your dining table and chairs with pre-owned pieces or invest in an antique clock, lighting, or a few ornaments.

Retro appliances

Vintage appliances can lend an authentic country look to your kitchen. Although you don’t necessarily need to replace all your old appliances, keeping dated or worn pieces past their best can also detract from the overall look you’re trying to achieve. So, whether it’s a new cooker hood, range cooker, microwave, or kettle, retro-style appliances can enhance your ranch kitchen aesthetic, as well as the entire cooking experience. Or, something like a cream AGA full-range cooker or red 50s style SMEG refrigerator, for example, can work as a focal point for your whole kitchen. Alternatively, update your kitchen sink with a classic vintage butlers sink. These large ceramic sinks slot into a cutout worktop and are complimented beautifully by traditional brass taps

When done right, a ranch-style kitchen should be cozy and inviting while still looking fresh and modern. By incorporating pattern and color, antique features, and retro appliances, you can create a stunning ranch-inspired kitchen the whole family loves spending time in.

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