What Do Scallops Taste Like? || Can Scallops Be Eaten Raw?

Do you know what scallops are?  What do scallops taste like? They’re a tasty delicacy found at the sea. Some people call it sea candy, whereas others refer to it as a shellfish. Well, it’s classified as a shellfish, even the taste tells it. Individuals who have never had a taste of this delicious sea creature are missing out on a good thing.

You can confirm that from non-shellfish fans who never get enough of this delicacy. The people afraid of having a bite with the thought that it might not be tasty, this is the right read for you. Let’s keep reading to understand what do scallops taste like.

What are scallops?

Scallops belong to the bivalve mollusk family which includes snails, squids, clams, and oysters. It contains meaty muscles which are sandwiched between two shells, though the entire body is edible.

Scallops contain spherical muscles that help them swim faster in the sea and detect movement quickly.

What Do Scallops Taste Like:

Generally speaking, scallops are considered unique. Their taste is mild. When cooked properly, scallops provide a sweet, tender, and butterfly taste. Its seashells have a rich and light flavor mixture. Scallops also appear soft and succulent.

If you’re yet to taste them, expect a briny saltwater essence, but lack a fishy flavor. If you talk about their texture, they’re firmer as compared to lobsters and crabs. We’ve got individuals linking their taste to that of crabs. They describe it as mild white fish providing a crab hint.

For first-timers, it’s difficult to assure if you’ll love its taste or not. It’s even worse for people with hardships in eating seafood. You obviously might wonder if it’s possible to like them. But it’s good news to people who consume lobsters, shrimps, and crab legs.

Scallops’ taste

Suppose you’re a scallops fan already, put in mind that the less fishy they are, the better and safer for you. Unlike the fishy types which might be unsafe. Scallops with an extremely fishy scent are most likely to be spoiled. That’s why you should consider preparing scallops without even a faint smell. They should be completely odorless.

Be sure to love the sweet taste. It’s aromatic and very outstanding. You’ll like their fleshiness and soft feel. Most people link them to marshmallows. It’s because their texture is a little bit slimy and can be chewed. Scallops’ taste also relies on the type. For instance, those fund in the sea is sweet, whereas the ones at the Bay is salty.

But it’s been noted that people lacking interest in seafood try out scallops and end up embracing the taste. They sell best in the market because of that. Even chefs prefer cooking scallops because they don’t need to do much when preparing, the seafood is already tasty. You can use additional flavors and spices or not and still achieve the sweet taste.

Types Of Scallops:

Scallops are found in three different types, including calico, sea, and bay. Sea scallops are the most common and available almost everywhere. Well-grown scallops go up to around two inches in diameter.

On the other hand, bay scallops are described as wild. They’re rarely found and can mainly be seen between October and March. They’re like the most due to their sweetness.

Unfortunately, they disappear between April and September. From December to May, you’ll find the calico types. They’ll mostly be seen in the Southern Atlantic Coasts and US Gulf regions. While the calico scallops have nicer-looking shells, they’ve got a less sweet taste as likened to others. It’s also harder to open their shells because they’re sealed.

How To Determine Fresh Scallops?

Fresh scallops generally have the best taste. Therefore, look out for plump and firm types with a creamy white hue. The color should be pinkish or orange and avoid choosing matte white ones.

The fresh types are the healthiest and best to eat uncooked. If you want to eat them cooked, then freezing does them better as it assures that any available parasites and bacteria have been neutralized.

Cooking Scallops:

Cooking scallopsScallops can be prepared in numerous ways including grilling, broiling, baking, and searing. Nevertheless, searing is the most adorable method since it brings out the best taste. You don’t need a lot of effort to make them because they already are filled with their sweet flavor.

The only thing you can do is add one or two elements. For example, you can include the most basic ingredients like pepper and salt. Scallops can be prepared and served in various ways. For example, you can enrich with lemon juice for seasoning them that gives an acidic jolt to stress the unique flavor. The fresh lemon juice should be added in bits to avoid overwhelming the taste.

You can also give scallops an earthy taste by adding some garlic amount. If you wish to bring out scallops’ creamy richness, try preparing it with butter and you’ll love it. Additionally, bacon can make a great combination with scallops. Bacon’s salty smokiness can perfectly complement scallops’ creaminess.

Can Scallops Be Eaten Raw?

Asking if one can eat raw scallops? Of course, yes because they’re a delicacy. However, a few things need to be considered before eating. Note that you should eat ones inhibited by helminths. You should further get something to accompany them when eating.

That means they shouldn’t be eaten alone because the bivalve adductor muscles require a little support despite being flavorful. Something acidic like lemon juice can offer more taste to raw scallops. Another thing is serving the scallops cold for a greater taste. Avoid deep-dressing the scallops since you might lose the flavor you tried to risk for.

Don’t forget that you can as well deep fry scallops to get a fantastic taste. Deep frying makes it soft and chewy giving it a crunchy external layer.

What to eat with scallops?

You can use butter to give your scallops a rich creamy flavour that is already present in seafood as well as you can use fresh lemon juice to emphasize the taste of scallops.

Scallops can also be served with meat that makes them more flavorful and you can enjoy your meal. In addition, white wine can enhance the taste of scallops by increasing their juiciness. 

Why are my scallops chewy?

Scallops are tender and soft in texture, but sometimes they feel chewy because they are not cooked properly and due to the over heat treatment or improper defrosting, they become rubbery and tough, which affects their flavour.

Do scallops taste like shrimps?

Scallops are similar in taste and texture to the shrimps because these sea animals are rich in taste and texture.

When you eat shrimps, you will feel the sweet seafood flavour in them, the same as the scallops. They are soft, having a neutral texture. However, the scallops are chewy and softer than the shrimps.

The Bottom Line:

Nobody limits you from preparing scallops as you wish. No matter how you wish it to be, cooed, medium-rare, or raw, go by what tastes good for you. Grilling, deep frying, smoking, or pan-searing is also a choice to cook. Various elements can also be added to improve its already sweet taste like salt, pepper, lemon juice, or serving with bacon.

Regardless of how you choose to cook or serve it, scallops provide a tasty delicacy when cooked right.  If you’ve never tasted it, try it out and thank me later.

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