What Is A Blowout? And How Long Does It Last?

What hairstyles do you prefer? Is it blow dry for tying a ponytail, blowout, or plaiting? Some ladies will go for wigs, weaves, or an extension for longer hair. Having dreadlocks is also a choice for others. Different products are used for different hairstyles.

You may probably be dependent on blowouts, or maybe not, but do you know what is involved in the application procedure? You could ask yourself several questions, for instance, how much it costs, if the hair cosmetics and products bring a change after use, how long it’ll take to disappear, or if there are more other hairstyles after the blowout.

what is blowout

All these questions are what you should know when choosing that direction. Let’s keep reading to understand what a blowout is and the time length it can stay.

Blowout definition

What is a blowout? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about it before even if it’s a thing to only see with other people. A blowout is an art. It involves hair drying following washing to give it a fresh, sleek, and fine appearance. The style has been in existence for many years. It came about due to the evolving use of blow dry bars with the style changing from one salon to another. A blowout lacks flat iron or curls.

Blowouts are meant for maintaining healthily styled hair from a haircut to another. A full blowout is accompanied by washing twice. The first is by using a clarifying shampoo, and the other is a shampoo blowout done with a thermal protectant. The two are done prior to conditioning the hair in preparation for styling. More other services could involve scalp massage and deep treatment for hair conditioning.

The fun begins during styling. There are several styling techniques. Getting an expert to do it is what determines how well it’d be executed. They look at the scalp situation, hair type, and desired look. After that, customization of the needed products and styling starts to give the appearance you admire.

Blowout application procedure

  • Hair preparation with concentrated shampoo and conditioning wash.
  • Using a towel, the hair is dried to drain out the excess moisture.
  • Product application for detangling and conditioning the hair.
  • Next is the blowout.
  • Hair sectioning using hair clips. Done for separating hair strands ensuring no dents are left.
  • Use of controlled techniques to style according to your described look.
  • Setting the hair to style and make it shine.
  • Final attaches involve adding texture improvement products and soft dimensions.

Reasons for having regular blowouts

  • Lack of time for styling and blow-drying the hair.
  • Fighting with hair texture and thickness struggles.
  • Experiencing hair challenges, including the oily scalp, heat destroyed hair, among others.
  • Others simply need a polished and manageable hairstyle.

How long does a blowout last?

A blowout can take long before going back to a regular look. We can give it a maximum of one week. Over time through observation and testing, it can hold the hair’s shape for between three and five days. The main variable is texture and thickness. You can learn how to treat your hair and style regularly, the habit adapts it to the shape.

how long blowout last

This way, it’ll last even longer than ever imagined. There are also cosmetics in the market for clean, and absorb hair oil, making it extend its longevity. Giving the hair more flavors and for better texture, its days can increase. For smoother hair, maintenance is key. Another thing is going for regular service in case you want to correct your scalp and face issues. Some specialists help provide tips for a more extended stay with styled hair.


Hair services range from health and styling for a perfect look. Other styles offered by hair crafters include;

The refresh

Mainly, the refreshing style is done on customers with blowout hair. It happens after around two to three days, and the process takes nearly 15 minutes. It gets to the roots of your hair for boosting the look that your head deserves. The stylishness will be completed without having to wash it. This refresh tactic is great for lining your locked blowout style. It’s something to adore, be sure.


If you need an outstanding style for elegance to boost your presentability in a meeting, the pick-me-up does perfectly. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to bring out its beauty in your face. It matches properly when combined with curls, braids, or bun and ponytails. Be ready for a stunning look.


Formal styling helps by being a part of your celebrations and partying. Be it an AGM, parents? the meeting, business conference, or any other formal event, the formal style is a top choice that no one regrets. However, it not only limits you to formality, but casual gatherings can still do.

Can you use hairspray?

Earlier, most ladies thought hair spraying is a thing of the past. However, today it’s different. Getting the spray in hand or sprinkling it on a smooth brush before rubbing stylishly on your hair, it’ll give it an incredible shape and movement. Don’t you want your head to look shinny and adorable?

The bottom line

What is a blowout? We described it as the art of making hair dry and giving it a sleek look. It doesn’t involve curls or flat iron but depends on what the owner needs. A blowout can last for three to five days on average. It all depends on the care given and products used for maintenance. You can also do it from home by yourself.

It doesn’t have to be serviced by a professional to achieve a wonderful appearance. Various products play different roles, therefore, seek guidance from a specialist to avoid any dangers caused by some cosmetics and beauty applications. There are various styles to be used in making your hair’s final look. For example, the formal style mostly fits formal gatherings and occasions, though it may be used in other events. Another is the pick-me-up, and refresh styles, which provide an incredible look.

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