What Is Lip Piercing? and Lip Piercing Types

Lip piercing is no more a new trend in the USA and globally. Historically, many tribes across the world used lip piercing as a religious and cultural practice. But today, it’s a fashion. Prior to going for the lip piercing service, it’s vital to note the various styles. It’ll help you inquire for more information concerning it. We’ve got various lip piercing types, most of which can be customized as desired. This article discusses the various lip piercing styles and what it means. Continue reading to learn more.

Lip Piercing

What is lip piercing?

We can describe it as a body piercing type penetrating the lips or anywhere around them. It happens in numerous endless ways. Among some African parts, men pierced mainly after the initiation process. These days lip piercing, especially among youths, is taking place all over the world. They do it as a way of expressing one’s style. It’s among the piercing styles with the least pain. Could it be the reason most people prefer the lip to other parts?

Lip piercing types

The following contains some of the most common lip piercing types. They are;

1. Monroe piercing

Monroe piercing style from Marilyn Monroe’s birthmark. It’s done at the exact point where her birthmark was situated; at the upper lip top on the left side. People with this piercing type mostly wear the labret stud, which is either fitted with a 14, 16, or 18 gauge labret. Once worn, they stay until after healing is when the bars are cut. The style has a variation called Angel bites, which is then doubled piercing form. Takes 6 weeks to 3 months to be well.

2. Madonna

In Madonna, the piercing is done off-center on the upper lip-right hand side. It’s seen among various movie stars and celebrities. A 14 gauge labret is always fixed. Sometimes, a jeweled labret stud is used. It differs from Monroe considering the piercing side- a Monroe is put on the left, whereas Madonna is right. Give it 6-12 weeks to be healed.

3. Labret

Most individuals take labret piercings as lip piercing, but it’s not. It has no attachment with the lip. It’s performed above the chin, below the lip. We’ve got various other options for its position. Depending on the care given, it takes 3 to 6 weeks to heal.

4. Medusa

The Medusa piercing style, officially known as a philtrum piercing, is done on the philtrum part; they are below the nose. Often, you’ll find it directly under the middle nose part. The person doing the piercing should be very keen to get it right, failure to which it can alter the face balance. Another thing is it’s regularly pierced with labret stud jewelry. The stud’s ball is seen outside the mouth in the top lip’s dip part. Its variation is called jestrum. Takes 6-12 weeks to heal.

5. Vertical labret piercing

As the name goes, a vertical labret piercing is done vertically. It’s almost similar to the labret piercing. The piercing goes to the exact place like the labret piercing, under the lip. The difference comes where the piercing takes the upper direction to the outside top of the lower lip, rather than going through the inside of the mouth. Besides, you can see the two sides of the piercing made. The jewelry used is a curved barbell. Allow around 8-10 weeks for it to heal.

lip piercing types

6. Jestrum

A jestrum piercing almost resembles the vertical labret piercing, but the picture is done on the opposite lip-upper like the medusa style. It’s done in the upper lip’s philtrum and directly opposite the nasal septum. It uses a curved barbell with both sides spotted from the outside. Some people combine it with the lower piercing forming an asymmetrical look.

7. Snake bites piercing

Snake bites piercings have two equally placed on the lower lip; one to the right and the other on the left. It has two lip piercing types the labret stud piercing and the ring. If you wish, you can get both at ago. It uses curved barbells, hoops, seamless rings, labret studs, and curved barbell as the typical jewelry. The approximate healing time is 1-3 months.

8. Dahlia

Found at the mouth’s corners, the Dahlia piercing is evenly done in pairs with each giving a unique alternative. It mainly uses labrets studs having bearded ends. However, for a more civilized appearance, people prefer gemstones or charms. Give it 3-10 weeks before healing.

9. Angel bites piercing

An Angel bite piercing nearly resembles the snake bite. The only difference is both piercings happening on the upper lip. It goes with 18G or 14G studs. Other options include gemstone or hoop styles such as seamless or a captive bead ring. Takes between 4 and 12 weeks for healing.

10. Spider bites

A spider bite piercing simply differs from a snake bite because the piercing is found either on the mouth’s right or left side. It matches properly with slender seamless loops, circular barbells, labret studs, or small CBRs as jewelry. Takes anywhere around 4 weeks to 3 months.

11. Dolphin bites

Dolphin piercings are nearly identical to snake bites except for the measure of the distance apart- they are closer together. The style can use 16G or 18G, and sometimes 14G for jewelry. Hook styles; seamless rings and CBRs or gemstone. The estimated healing time is 1-3 months.

12. Cyber bites piercing

A cyber bite piercing is a mix between medusa and labret piercings. Happens by having a centered piercing above and the other below the bottom and top lips. Similar to labret’s and medusa’s, it uses 16G and 18G studs modified with spikes, crystals, or gems. It may take between 6 weeks to 3 months.

13. Cheek piercing

If you lack and admire having dimples, then you can opt for the cheek piercing style. They mainly emulate dimples’ look or better the appearance of the existing. They are limited to a labret stud. Having a simple bead is prettier to maintain its aesthetics. Give it the proper care, and it’ll heal within 8-12 weeks.

types of lip piercing

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14. Canine bite

A canine bite piercing involves four piercings done on both mouth’s lips- two on the upper and others lower. They are a combination of both angel and snakebite piercings. It requires simple studs, CBRs, or circular barbells. With proper care, it heals between 8 and 12 weeks.

15. Shark bite

Shark bite piercing is simply having a cyber bites pair on both sides of the lower mouth. Without limiting oneself, you can use different combinations for jewelry, including captive bead rings, hoop styles, labret studs, and others.

The Bottom Line

The different lip piercing styles are meant to decorate or modify one’s facial appearance. If you are obsessed with lip piercing or just want to try out one, it’d be best if you consulted an expert. By doing this, you’d avoid any potential side effects that may damage your facial beauty after some time. Taking good care of a pierced lip is also very relevant to boost its healing.

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