What Makes Organic Garlic a Valuable Addition to Your Kitchen?    

Apart from being aromatic for your dishes, garlic has remarkable medicinal properties. Your kitchen might be loaded with all kinds of spices and ingredients; it will never be truly complete unless you have some fresh garlic at your disposal.

Organic Garlic

Powdered garlic, which has gone through several processing stages, can hardly match up to the aroma and flavor of natural garlic. This is why you can check out sites like Gilroy garlic and see why it can be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

  • Organic Origins

If you use naturally grown pods, you can only enjoy the full blast of aroma and flavour from the garlic. However, not only naturally grown garlic is free from chemicals. Farmers use a plethora of pesticides and insecticides to keep worms and pests away from the crops.

The chemicals inevitably find their way into the garlic. Since raw garlic is used in many exotic recipes, you will directly ingest these chemicals while consuming the garlic. Consuming this garlic will end up doing more harm than good. Always try to opt for organic garlic, with farmers only using organic fertilizers like compost to tend to the crops.

  • Medicinal Properties

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the food you cooked also helped keep your family healthy and fit? It is possible if you used fresh garlic in your dishes. Ancient sages had always used garlic in their concoctions. Garlic can help regulate blood pressure in adults, and its warmth can keep colds and coughs at bay. It can be used to cure several kinds of infection and is known as an aphrodisiac.

It is rich in antioxidants, and its anti-inflammatory properties can keep away acne and swelling in joints, which can reduce signs of ageing and keep acne away. Its powerful enzymes are just what your digestive system needs.

Using inorganically grown garlic will not produce the same effects, and processed garlic loses many of its nutrients during the process. Hence, it would help if you always opt for organically grown garlic when looking for kitchen supplies.

  • Fresh and Plump

Garlic is known for its strong and pungent odour, but it creates a rich flavour and lends a beautiful aroma to your dishes once you are done cooking. However, this is only true when the garlic is fresh. Stay away from garlic that has dried out, and the skin has shrivelled. This garlic will give away under the slightest pressure, and you might notice a brownish tinge to the garlic bulbs.

Garlic sprayed with chemicals will not have a rich odour as well. Fresh garlic will have a creamy colour and will be plump and fleshy. Buying organic garlic will ensure its freshness as well. You can use them in any recipe for the best results.

Sites like Gilroy garlic are very particular about the garlic they sell. The garlic is USDA certified, and it’s grown in the Gilroy region in California, which has the ideal condition for garlic cultivation. Using this garlic will give your dishes unsurpassable taste and aroma, and it will be one of the best ingredients you would have introduced to your kitchen.

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