Why Am I Losing Weight In The Face? 3 Reasons and Remedies

Are you losing face volume day in day out? Well, it happens following certain conditions we shall discuss later and give solutions. Losing facial fat can make a beautiful young face look older and thinner than usual. You always see toddlers and children with chubby cheeks. Do you know it’s not obvious that they are gaining excess weight?

It’s however, a sign of a smooth and firm appearance that hasn’t declined in health. Such faces, in most cases, have their full soft tissue on point. This blog discusses the three reasons for facial volume decrease and their remedies. Please keep reading to understand more.

losing weight on face

Why you’re losing facial volume

We’ve got various explanations for fat loss to a smooth, firm, and round face. Let’s have a look at the things causing these faces to look sunken and skeletal.

Collagen loss and shifting facial fat

Medical institutions such as the Havard Health School found out that a loss or reduction in collagen makes one appear older in the face. Collagen’s roles in our skin are structural support for plumping and firming the face and other parts. However, when this collagen structure disappears by probably reducing the skin’s elasticity wanes after some time. We all know that when we age, there’s a decline and shift in facial fat, thus makes one look elderly even though still young in age.

Facial fat loss is seen when the evenly distributed fat around the cheekbones, temples, mouth, and forehead diminishes. The region below one’s eyes appears hollow after the once rounded cheeks finally sink and fall downwards. The lips stop being plump appearing thinner and smaller. The look is worsened by daily repetitive facial muscle movement making the skin creased and eventually bringing wrinkles. The result is an ugly facial appearance as compared to the earlier shinny and well-formed face.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays

Most people mainly understand the common effects of the sun. For instance, causes skin cancer risk, wrinkles, and dark spots- all of which are from the sun’s UV rays. They don’t realize that experiencing excessive sunburns or exposure can slowly by slowly lead to a significant facial fat loss. It’s because UV rays pass through the epidermis causing collagen and elastin breakdown. What happens next? Facial fat diminishes and collapses, changing its form.

The sun’s UV rays comprise UVB and UVA energy. Once the UVB energy penetrates the epidermis and potentially damages your DNA. UV penetration is much deeper, reaching the skin’s dermis. It has adverse effects, such as causing abnormal elastin build-up, consequently creating enzymes leading to dark scars.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, they allude to these scars as a disoriented collagen fiber cluster, which highly contributes to one’s skin looking aged because of UV rays from the sun. Other UV ray sources like indoor tanning booths can also harm the elastin fiber arrangement and collagen after some time. Skin affected by the sun’s rays is for the more exposed parts- face, chest, and arms.

Medical conditions and treatment or severe sickness

Did you know that body weight loss caused by a medical condition or treatment can largely promote facial volume decline? Fat tissue loss beneath the facial skin causes a flat appearance on the face. Sometimes, it creates something resembling a convex facial contour.

Major causes of facial thinning plus unexplained volume loss include autoimmune illnesses such as connective tissue sicknesses and HIV. It’s essential to visit a professional to rule out any of these and help resolve the issue. Other conditions related to facial fat loss are immune system disorders, viral infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

Why Am I Losing Weight In The Face

A condition causing fat tissue decline in a localized way is facial lipoatrophy. It comes about due to various reasons, including insulin injections, several sclerosis treatments, or growth hormone injections. Other facial lipoatrophy causes are penicillin, iron, and antiviral medicines or steroid treatments. Facial fat loss is among the major lipoatrophy symptoms. It may also result in losing fat in the buttocks, arms, and legs.


If you realize the fat loss your face is experiencing, please don’t despair. Multiple steps can be taken to reverse aging symptoms and bring back your face’s shape. The solutions range from DIY to non-invasive treatments. They include;

Surgical treatment

Facelift- It’s a surgical procedure for lifting the neck and face, removing extra tissue, and repositioning your face into a firmer and more youthful look. Different facelifts target various face areas like cheeks, neck, and jowls.

Thread lift- This is a procedure using temporary sutures to lift the skin rather than excising additional facial skin. It operates by a surgeon placing thread-like structures below the skin for jowls, middle face, and neck lifting. Then, pulls out the threads for lifting. Through this process, there’s more collagen production with the body providing healing agents to any injured parts. It may serve perfectly for two years maximum.


Cheek augmentation- Cheek implants give a permanent remedy to fat loss. It works better than temporary dermal fillers augmentation.

Jaw implant– Mainly deals with filling the lower jaw to add volume and jawline definition. Don’t be afraid of any visible scarring because the procedure doesn’t lead to any jaw bone cuts. The same applies to lip implants.


Microneeding- Involves manual cleaning and stretching of the skin using various instruments rolled in the epidermis to promote collagen growth. It stays nearly three to six months before the same thing is applied again, and as new collagen keeps forming.

Dermal filling- Happens in three forms, including temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. It works by restoring facial plumpness after fat loss.

Other ways without surgery are changing your diet and lifestyle, avoiding smoking, protecting yourself from too much direct sun exposure, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Why Am I Losing Weight In The Face? Decreased facial volume causes one to appear ugly and aged.? However, we’ve got various ways of reversing the signs and restoring the former firm and youthful appearance. Examples include facial surgery, using dermal fillers, and many other face part procedures for raised collagen production.

Changing your lifestyle and sticking to the right diet will also help reverse the aging signs? stress reduction through regular exercise and enough sleep. Additionally, don’t forget safe skincare measures like avoiding sun exposure and smoking that damage the skin’s collagen structure. Following all these vibes can help give your skin more life-looking younger than the real age.

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